Filtered Water Can Make For Beautiful Skin

Filtered Water Can Make For Beautiful Skin

Over the years, studies have shown how vital filtered water is for our health. One of the most significant effects filtered water can have is its ability to protect our skin’s health. Washing with and drinking purified water has been shown to improve our skin’s health significantly. If you have noticed that your skin is not as beautiful as it once was, there’s a good chance that it’s because of an unfiltered water source in your home.

Washing With Unclean Water

Clean water is essential to maintaining a healthy appearance. Unfortunately, showers and bathtubs are one of the leading areas of the home where impure water is found. Over time, lime and rust can build up in your showerhead and pipes. Both lime and rust will leak unhealthy pollutants into your water supply. When showering or bathing in contaminated water, there’s a strong chance that you’ll clog your pores, leading to bacteria buildup.

Clogged pores then end up causing dull, unhealthy skin. The idea that purified water is the best way to keep the skin clean is something that the spa industry has widely accepted for years. However, it is just now starting to make its way to homeowners. If your water contamination is significant, your skin may break out in hives or rashes.

Filtered water can also penetrate the skin better, helping to keep the skin hydrated from the outside-in. Reverse-osmosis filters, for example, shrink water molecules, making it easier for them to enter your pores. 

Drinking Unpurified Water

Drinking clean water can also contribute to clearer, healthier skin. Water replenishes skin tissue and helps keep the skin at optimum moisture levels. Water is also responsible for delivering critical nutrients to your skin cells. If you are drinking unpurified water, your body will have to work to remove toxins. The water you consume will not be nearly as effective in keeping your skin healthy.

Some have gone as far as to say that drinking filtered water is more important to maintaining your skin’s complexion than applying topical creams. Younger, healthier skin is just a few glasses of filtered water away, and for a mere fraction of the cost of expensive creams. Purified water can also help prevent skin conditions such as

  • Psoriasis

  • Eczema

  • Dermatitis

Purified water helps prevent these skin diseases because it works to flush away toxins from your system. So, unpurified water will deliver toxins throughout your body, while purified water will help remove water from your body. There is a direct correlation between drinking filtered water and having healthier skin. 

Upgrade Your In-Home Water Filtration System

If you’ve recently noticed yourself breaking out, it could be because of impurities in your home water system. You could be harming your skin every time you shower or wash your face, without even realizing it. If you suspect that this may be the case, be sure to contact us for a water filtration system examination and FREE water test.

Our technician will evaluate all aspects of your filtration system, from the water source itself to the pipes carrying the water into your home. Once identifying the toxins, we will work with you to come up with the ideal in-home water filtration solution.

If you suspect that water has been damaging your skin, having your filtration system examine will be well worth your while. Odds are, you and your family are consuming water full of toxins and impurities. In addition to the damage to your skin, you’re also damaging your body’s internal functions as well, and potentially increasing your risk of cancer. Contact us today to protect your family’s health. 

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