Filtered Drinking Water Increases Ginger And Lemon water Health Benefits

Filtered Drinking Water Increases Ginger And Lemon water Health Benefits

While many people add ginger or lemon to their water for taste, they fail to realize that they are gaining numerous health benefits as well. Many don’t understand how the type of water they use determines how effective ginger and lemon will be. If people used filtered drinking water, the health benefits of ginger and lemon would increase drastically.  

Why Ginger And Lemon Are Good For Your Health

Ginger and lemon are both very beneficial for your health. Ginger is useful because

  • It is an antioxidant

  • It prevents neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s and Huntington disease

  • It has natural anti-inflammatory properties

Research has indicated that taking ginger after an intense workout can help lessen body pain and muscle soreness, making it an excellent supplement for those living an active lifestyle.

Lemon is beneficial because

  • It contains vitamin C, which works to boost the body’s immune system

  • It can help manage stress

  • It can reduce the release of adrenalin

  • It improves your skin health by encouraging the production of collagen

There are many ways to consume ginger and lemon, but one of the best ways to do so is through tea. Ginger Lemon tea is a type of tea that is well-known, mainly because of the health benefits described above. Not to mention, the drink is also very delicious!

Using Filtered Water Can Boost Health Benefits

Filtered water helps make healthy additives like ginger and lemon more efficient because they will not have to counteract with impurities in the water. When water is filtered, contaminants and germs are removed. Many of the essential components of ginger and lemon, such as vitamin C, would have fought to remove the impurities, thereby reducing the amount that you receive. By using filtered water, you’ll consume everything that ginger and lemon have to offer.

A water filtration system will also make your water taste better. Impurities tend to ruin water’s taste and often produce an unwelcome odor. Using filtered water will enhance the flavor of the ginger and lemon. There’s a good chance that you will be able to cut juice and alcohol out of your diet because these drinks taste so good. Juice is loaded with sugar and unnecessary calories, while water contains zero calories. Water is by far the much healthier alternative.

One of the main impurities found in unfiltered water is chlorine. Those living in a city are most susceptible to finding chlorine in their water. If you add ginger or lemon to water that contains chlorine, their effects would, at best, cancel each other out. Meaning, you gain health benefits from ginger and lemon, but you would be doing your body harm by consuming chlorine. Using filtered water ensures you receive nothing but positive results.

Similarly, filtered water is often free of lead. Lead has been found to increase blood pressure, reduce fertility, and hinder the development of the central nervous system. Additionally, lead can cause brain damage in children. If you wish to get the most out of your ginger and lemon water, it’s critical to remove all impurities. 

Do You Need Filtered Drinking Water In Your Home?

Water is one of the best things you can put in your body. Carolina Fresh Water feels that everyone should have access to clean, filtered drinking water and can work to bring it to your home. A water filtration system can help save you money, as you will no longer have to purchase bottled water. It will also provide numerous health benefits, helping you become the best version of yourself. Be sure to call us today for all of your water filtration needs.  

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